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8H Magic Night Serum

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Product Description

8H Magic Night Serum by Kérastase is a beauty sleep high-nutrition night serum for dry hair. This overnight hair treatment contains anti-dryness polymers for immediate care with a light and non-greasy finish. It also delivers a dose of essential nutrients that boost the formula’s ability to nourish and reinforce the hair.

The magical overnight hair serum works for 8 hours to revitalize and regenerate dry hair and protects it from pillow friction.

+98% stronger hair*

The bottle is made of 20% recycled glass.


Protects from pillow friction
Restores fibre hydration with deep 8-hour action
Restores radiant, youthful fiber by morning
Helps restore natural hydration level

+98% of stronger hair*
-84% less frizz instantly*
+48% more softness*
+40% more radiant hair*

How to Use?
Spread a pump in your hands and distribute the 8H Magic Night Serum to the lengths and ends of your dry or damp hair.STEP 2
No need to rinse in the morning.

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