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Allpremed Hand Expert Protect Foam Cream

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Allpremed Hand Expert hand care for stressed and sensitive skin is formulated specifically for professional environments – delivering professional skincare results – highly effective, yet gentle enough for home use.
Allpremed Hand Expert  Protect Barrier Foam Cream helps to prevent skin from becoming raw and worn out from frequent hand washing, frequent disinfection, and waterborne contamination (ie. disinfectants, or dirty water). This foam cream helps improve the skin’s elasticity, thus preventing roughness and chapping. Contains no unnecessary additives, therefore great for sensitive and allergy prone skin.


–  Barrier cream to protect the skin on your hands from frequent washing
–  Provides akin barrier & hydration
–  Clinically proven and great for sensitive skin
–  Prevents roughness and chapping


–  Apply to clean hands prior to potential skin stress (e.g. working in wet conditions, frequent hand cleansing and disinfection) or as required
–  The foam cream can be used very economically- A walnut-sized amount is sufficient
–  The BarrioExpert Technology allows the cream to be applied evenly and pleasantly; it is rapidly absorbed by the skin without leaving an unpleasant greasy film
–  Gloves can be put on immediately after use
–  For external use only
–  Please shake well before use and hold upright while applying
–  Remove the tamper-proof seal at the back of the dispenser pump before first use

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