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AMIKA – ”Normcore” Signature Conditioner


Jam packed with vitamins + antioxidants for moisturized, soft + nourished strands.

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what is normcore?

packed with nutrient-rich sea buckthorn, normcore signature conditioner leaves hair 7x more conditioned* and results in nourished + soft hair.

who it’s for

fine to medium hair types 1-2c

why it’s special

it’s called ‘signature’ for a reason…packed with a cocktail of vitamins + antioxidants, this conditioner provides a punch of lightweight hydration resulting in moisturized, soft + nourished locks.

  • shea butter – formulated with rich shea butter, this conditioner provides deep nourishment and softness, plus its full of vitamins, minerals, + five fatty acids.
  • weightlessly hydrates- we made sure this conditioner intensely hydrates, but never weighs you down.

*clinically proven when using shampoo + conditioner together as a system.

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