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AMIKA – ”The Wizard” Silicone-free Detangling Primer


The magic of the wizard, now silicone-free! heat protect, detangle, + reduce frizz.

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what is the wizard?

it’s the wizard you all know and love, now silicone-free. this lightweight primer protects against 450°f heat, cuts down on blow dry time, reduces frizz, + detangles all hair types.

who it’s for

all hair is welcome!

why it’s special

while silicones add shine and lock in moisture, we know they’re not in everyone’s hair routine—whether you’re a fan of silicones or not, we have the magic of the wizard! this all-in-one lightweight hair priming spray has a multitude of benefits, leaving hair shiny and silky-smooth.

  • protects hair against heat up to 450°f.
  • cuts down on blow dry time so you can get on with your day!
  • detangles and reduces frizz on all hair types.

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