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Chroma Absolu Bain Chroma Respect

SKU: 3474637059019
How to Use
1. Wet hair.
2. Thoroughly remove excess water before applying a quarter-sized amount of shampoo.
3. Add water and emulsify.
4. Massage the scalp using finger tips to wash and remove impurities.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Apply a second quarter-sized amount of shampoo touch by touch and add water. The second lather will produce a more abundant foam which will help cleanse lengths all the way to the ends.
7. Rinse thoroughly.

In stock

This lightweight formulated shampoo restores the hair fibre to protect coloured hair, preventing colour from fading or stripping away.

Cleanses thoroughly while hydrating the hair. Also reduces porosity on the hair fibre, helping to retain colour longer and increase overall shine. This formula is designed to hydrate without weighing hair down, great for anyone with a finer hair type.

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