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Curl Manifesto Crème De Jour Fondamentale Hair Cream

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Daily moisturizing frizz-reducing leave-in curly hair product infused with Manuka Honey and Ceramide for all types of curly hair. Ultra-lightweight hair smoothing cream that provides intense hydration, effortless detangling, and heat protection up to 230°C. Promotes anti-frizz and preserves curl definition by helping shield the hair from up to 80% humidity. Use Curl Manifesto routine to reveal healthy-looking and soft curls, with great definition and bounce.


Ultra-lightweight leave-in formula with no weigh down
Protects hair with its heat-activated properties
Restores and nourishes the fiber providing extreme hydration
Creates smooth, natural-looking bouncy hair that lasts
Promotes curl definition and elasticity and enhance shine
Provides all-day anti-frizz control with 24H humidity shield
+74% Nutrition / Hydration (EU)
+98% detangling / very curly hair (type IV)
Stronger curls +76%
230°C Thermo-protection
Immediate Anti-frizz + humidity protection
24hrs anti-frizz + humidity protection
+72% curl definition


Apply to wet and towel-dried hair. Take a generous amount of product depending on the lengths and thickness of the curly hair. Distribute the product evenly from root to ends. Rake and scrunch sections of hair to encourage pattern formation and curl definition. Leave-in.

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