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Curl Manifesto Holiday Collection


In stock

What it is: A kit with shampoo, masque and leave in cream for wavy/curly/coily hair. This kit helps to preserve natural oils for all curly hair types & promotes a healthy hair & scalp environment to allow hair growth. Infuses curls with vital hydration with no weigh down, enhancing curl definition and volume.

Key Benefits: 
– Restore strength and elasticity
– Promotes natural curl formation
– Intensely nourishes and reinforces brittle, damaged hair

Highlighted ingredients:
– Manuka honey: Ultra-rich in micronutrients that provides a moisture boost and restores shine.
– Ceramides: Fills the cracks and reinforces weak hair from within improving hair ability to retain vital moisture.

What else you should know:  Gently cleanses scalp and hair removing all dirt, impurities, pollution and buildup. Gain more hydration, strength and defined curls.

This set includes: 
Curl Manifesto – Bain Hydration Douceur Shampoo – 250ml
Curl Manifesto – Fondant Hydration Essentielle – 250ml
Curl Manifesto – Créme De Jour Fondamentale – 150ml

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