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DAS Luxury Silk Blush Pillow Case

SKU: DASLuxurySilkBlushPillowCase

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DAS luxury sleep mask are 100% pure mulberry silk, using the highest grade (6A) with the top quality of 22 momme density. There’s no doubt that 100% mulberry silk is multi-beneficial in the beauty world. DAS pillow case will give your hair and skin TLC while enjoying a soft, glorious sleep. Reducing damage, tangles and leaving you hair and skin smooth with their anti-aging properties and continuous hydration.

  • Prevent wrinkles & creases
  • Prevent hair breakage, frizz and tangle
  • Fight against dryness & acne
  • Moisture retaining
  • Hypoallegernic
  • Regulates temperature
  • Bug resistant
  • Oeko certified –  Eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes

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