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DESIGNME GLOSS.ME – Hydration&Shine Glitz Kit

Original price was: $54.45.Current price is: $44.50.

DESIGNME Gloss.Me Shampoo is a sulfate free shampoo with dreamy lather that gives your strands everything they have ever wanted.  Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil moisturizes and strengthens.

DESIGNME Gloss.Me Conditioner gives instant shine, nourishes hair to help prevent split ends and breakage, fights frizz and seals in moisture.

DESIGNME Gloss.Me Hydrating Treatment Mask is the perfectly blended hair treatment mask! It gives shiny, silky soft hair just after one use.

This trio contains:

1 x 300ml DESIGNME Gloss.Me Hydrating Shampoo
1 x 300ml DESIGNME Gloss.Me Hydrating Conditioner
1 x 90ml DESIGNME Gloss.Me Treatment Mask

In stock

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