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DESIGNME PUFF.ME Volumizing Conditioner 1L

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If you’re really after the biggest, baddest hair looks, you gotta start at the base with a powerful volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Enter the PUFF.ME Volumizing range. We all know DESIGNME knows where it’s at when it comes to extreme volume, and this conditioner is no exception! Nourishing and conditioning without weighing the hair down, this product is truly a game changer for those seeking that va-va-voom while still retaining a healthy look.

– Volume booster
– Nourishes and conditions
– Detangles
– Color safe

How to Use:
–  After shampooing, distribute conditioner throughout wet hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends
–  Allow product to penetrate strands for a few minutes, then rinse

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