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Elixir Ultime Hair Oil for Color Treated Hair

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A radiant beautifying hair oil that smoothes and nourishes colored hair for vibrant shine.


Elixir Ultime Huile Colored Hair is a smoothing hair oil designed for colored, dull, and dry hair to repair the damages due to numerous color treatments. Our smoothing hair oil contains Oléo Complex which offers regenerative and antioxidant properties, and Imperial Tea to help radiate the true depth of color-treated hair with a soft floral scent. This smoothing hair oil for colored hair contains four luxurious oils including Camellia oil for hair and Marula oil for hair that nourishes colored hair and delivers shiny hair.

  1. Leaves a long lasting fragrant halo, up to 24H
  2. Visibly reduces split ends
  3. Provides a 96H frizz controls, in 80% humidity
  4. Guarantees a residueless effect on your hair
  5. Texturizes and facilitates manageability of your hair
  6. Protects from heat up to 230°
  7. Actives an intense radiance with lightness

How to Use Our Smoothing Hair Oil. Elixir Ultime Huile Colored Hair: Step 1. Apply 1 or 2 pumps of product onto damp or dry hair. Step 2. Work through hair starting from mid-lengths and work towards ends. Step 3. No need to rinse out this product. Leave in for the nourishing benefits and shiny hair Step 4. Style as usual.

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