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Discipline Fluidissime Anti Frizz Spray

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Hair-smoothing thermal anti-frizz protection spray for unruly or curly hair.


Spray Fluidissime is our anti frizz spray and anti humidity spray infused with keratin for hair designed to restore the hair fiber’s homogeneity while offering frizz control for natural hair. This Morpho-Keratine for hair technology to restore flexibilty and discipline for perfect hair movement, taming frizzy hair and protecting against humidity to provide manageability and frizz control for natural hair for up to 72 hours. While Xylose acts as heat protectant for hair for heat styling protection. Spray Fluidissime offers both frizz control for natural hair and heat protectant for hair in one convenient spray.


How to Use Our Anti Frizz Spray, Spray Fluidissime: Step 1. Shake anti-humidity spray bottle before use. Step 2. Apply to towel-dried hair, strand by strand. Step 3. Proceed to usual styling and/or heat styling. Step 4. No need to rinse out this anti-frizz spray. Leave in.

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