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Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner

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Length strengthening conditioner for slow growing, damaged lengths.


Fondant Extentioniste is a creamy and light-textured detangling conditioner that acts as a hair detangler for easy comb-through without hair breakage. Enriched with Ceramides and Acid Maleic, it instantly infuses weak brittle hair with active and healing particles that strengthens brittle hair and promotes a healthy scalp environment. Our strengthening and detangling conditioner Fondant Extentionsite increases elasticity while rebuilding the natural hair strength of the hair fiber. Fondant Extentioniste is one of our hair strengthening products dedicated to bringing brittle hair back to life.


How to use our Detangling Conditioner, Fondant Extentioniste:

Step 1. After washing hair with Bain Extentioniste, apply to still-wet hair.

Step 2. Massage the hair detangler through lengths and ends of split ends hair.

Step 3. After detangling hair, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 4. Rinse out thoroughly.

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