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FUR – Ingrown Microdart Patch (12 pack)


Product Description

This supercharged spot gets right to the point—using microdarts to deliver actives directly to the source, quickly and effectively clearing up bumps in as few as six hours. As the first of its kind, Ingrown Microdart Patch harnesses the most advanced microdart patch technology to penetrate the skin deeper than any topical formula. After six hours of wear, these patches will smooth bumps, reduce inflammation, and speed up the ingrown reparative process. Perfect for every body, everywhere, Ingrown Microdart Patch can be applied anywhere ingrowns appear—from the face and neck to the bikini line and beyond.


94% just one use of the patch faded bumps and blemishes

89% just one use of the patch visibly reduced the ingrown hair

100% the patch prevented the ingrown from leaving a dark spot

How to Use

Where: Apply Ingrown Microdart Patch onto active ingrowns anywhere from head to toe.

How: Apply the patch to clean, dry skin directly onto the ingrown, being careful not to touch the center of the patch. Leave on for at least six hours for microdarts to fully dissolve and deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. Remove the patch. For even deeper ingrown care, after removing the patch, follow up with Ingrown Eliminator Serum to tone skin and prevent future ingrowns.

When: For best results, apply one before bedtime and let Ingrown Microdart Patch get active while you’re not. While wearing it, avoid water and excessive activity.


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