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L’Oréal Professional – Tecni.Art Air Fix Hairspray


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L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Air Fix Hairspray is an extra-strong instant fixing spray. A unique technology offering super-strong hold that is easy to restyle and brush out, this hairspray also has UV filters for the ultimate hair protection. In addition to the strong hold, this L’Oreal hairspray dries quickly and leaves a glossy finish on hair. With no residue leftover, this hairspray leaves hair soft, shiny and wonderfully smooth.

–  Extra-strong hairspray
–  Easy to brush out and re-style
–  UV filters offer protection to hair
–  Dries quickly with no residue

How To Use:
–  Wash and style the hair as usual
–  Spray on the hair at a distance of 35 cm
–  Tip: for extra volume spray on the roots of the hair

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