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Blond Absolu Masque Cicaextreme

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Can be used on towel-dried hair before blow-dry or air-dry; as well as on dry hair. Apply to 1-2 pumps to damp hair and proceed to blow-dry or air-dry. Apply 1 pump to dry hair on lengths and ends.

A rich white gel-in-cream deeply strengthens fiber structure to reconstruct post-bleach hair. Hair is 94% stronger and more resistant.

  • Fiber is 85% more hydrated and plumped, with 24h of frizz-control
  • Hair is 34% more resilient after 5 applications of Bain + Masque Cicaextreme
  • Seals open scales from bleaching for a uniform, conditioned healthy fiber
  • Enhances fiber resilience to prevent future breakage & split ends
  • Reduces surface bleaching damage by 44% in a single-use
Formulated to work in perfect duo with Bain Cicaextreme
This mask is formulated to work in a perfect duo with Bain Cicaextreme. Apply to damp hair. Leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse.

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